Our Goals

Our Goals


As seniors age and need to change their living accommodations, many are forced to leave Summit County because welcoming and professional facilities do not exist. When such facilities are made available in Summit County, these seniors will be able to stay in their community and near family.

SIS received a seed money grant in 2018 from
the Senior Center nonprofit in Frisco. The official
fundraising plan is one of the organization’s five
newly developed Strategic Plan goals:

1. Quantify the Specific Needs of Seniors and Adults with Disabilities for Housing, Respite and Care Facilities.
2. Take steps to make the  non-profit’s Board Efficient and Productive
3. Develop and Build Partnerships and Community Support.
4. Plan a Fundraising Campaign.
5. Obtain a suitable and viable parcel of land on which to Build Facilities.​

Staying in Summit (SIS) is beginning to move forward toward the development of facilities to serve those desiring to “age in place” in Summit County. The numbers vary (according to various sources) as to how many seniors and adults with disabilities the organization will initially serve. An up to date “needs assessment” study will begin to provide exact numbers

Ways to help

We are looking to build our team to help with fundraising and brainstorming on ways to get property attained to build a facility that is similar to a home atmosphere. 


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